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Headshot Photography for Actors and Models

Headshots are essential for actors, actresses, models, musicians, performers, real estate agents, public speakers and professionals. One of the biggest hurdles for any actor or model to get thier first photos to promote themselves to agents and casting directors.

Ian Payton has over 20 years experience with both film and digital photograhy, he has experience shooting landscapes, scenery, people, objects, and events.

When your just getting started many actors and models are looking for professional quality photos, but can not afford the professional prices. Even actors and models who have been working at thier career for several years need to update thier headshots, but are on a budget that does not permit them to pay three to four hundred dollars for a photo shoot.

In 2005, noticing the quality of his work, friends and industry insiders encouraged Ian to start offering inexpensive photo shoots. professional quality photos for actors and models who needed headshots to help them get started in their careers.

Unfortunately most of the work Ian has done is copywrited by the individuals or organizations that commissioned the commercial photography and we are not able to post them here.

In an effort to build his public portfolio and make more samples of our work available to be seen, we are offering a special program that will give actors and models a very inexpensive photography package complete with a one hour photo shoot and over 100 images on a CD. This offer is available to any actor or model, providing they give us their permission to use their photograph here in order for us to showcase Ian's work.

The deal

$50 (Regular $100)

Other services available at additional cost






Call Ian @ (647) 201-9268 to arrange your shoot

Other Services for Actors

There are a number of services I provide for my clients in addition to headshots. The prices listed are those available to clients who book a headshot session. Prices may be slightly higher for non-photography clients. Call for details on pricing or with questions.


I have been retouching photos for the last15 years. I charge $25 per image for basic retouching and $40 per hour for extensive retouching/restoration. Samples of my retouching work are available upon request.

postcards and business cards

Ian can also design other products that will help you promote youself, including postcards and business cards.

websites for actors

Basic actor websites which include a short Flash-animated introduction page, small photo gallery, resume page, and contact information start around $150