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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our Boudoir photography services. Ian specializes in location Boudoir photography; usually in locations that have meaning for the subject (you) and hopefully to the eventual viewer of the photographs (Husband, boyfriend etc).

Ian tries to make every Boudoir photo session a fun and pleasant experience.

Ian realizes that Boudoir Photography is a very personal choice and can raise many questions and concerns. Some of the more common questions are addressed below. But we want to address all of your questions, so please contact us.

Ian wants to help you make this as special as you deserve it to be.

 This page was last updated this Monday March 3rd 2008

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The Why, Who and What's


The Photo Shoot

The Basics

Who are you?

Ian is a profession photographer located in Scarborough Ontario. Ian works primarily in the Greater Toronto Area and has been taking boudoir photographs on and off since 1995. Ian has done many private boudoir photo sessions, primarily in the GTA, He has traveled as far west as London Ontario, East to Montreal and North to North Bay to take boudoir photographs.

Until 2007, most of Ian's Boudoir shoots were taken with a film SLR camera. Even after switching to a digital SLR camera, Ian is still able to work with film in a limeted capacity (as he sold off most of his film equiptment).

Ian is able to work alone or with the help of a female assistant, depending on the comfort level of the model / subject.

Ian is also a graphic and web designer. His photo retouching for other peoples work, has generated much of the interest in his photograpy.

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Where are you located ?

As mentioned above Ian is currently based in Scarborough Ontario. While Ian works mainly in the Greater Toronto Area, he does not mind traveling thorough Ontario as long as there is a safe and private place to shoot.

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Do you have a studio?

Yes, Ian has a home studio. Although in saying that he does try to work in a client's home where he can connect their fantasy with their reality. That way the photographs have extra meaning. Of course, if you'd prefer a studio, Ian can arrange that for you as well.

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Can you do the photographs at my home / location?

Yes, a familiar location can help make you feel at ease in front of the camera. Depending on safety and privacy issues Ian welcomes the opportunity to photograph you in your familiar surroundings. Ian has worked in other locations not just homes; one client had Ian photograph her on the deck of her cottage and another at a real estate office where she worked as a clerk.

If you do want to use another location (other than your Home) for the shoot, it would be up to YOU to ask for permission to photograph there.

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Do you charge more to travel to my home / location?

There is no travel fee if the photography location is less than an hours travel for Ian's home studio. 

If however, the location is more than an hour away we do charge a reasonable $20 travel fee per extra hour of travel (minimum $20) to cover gas etc.

As a rough guide if the location were further out fromScarborough than the following cities then we may need to charge the travel fee.

Direction City Limit
North Aroura
North East Markham
East Ajax
West Mississauga
North West Brampton

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What type of photographs do you take?

Photography by Ian was set up to do mainly actors headshots, glamour modeling and boudoir styles of photography. Our main company 'Photographs by yBOT handles the other photographic styles like weddings and business portraits

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What is Boudoir photography?

Boudoir photographs are usually personal and private pictures. Boudoir is a French word that means private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom. So Boudoir photographs normally are sexy pictures of a scantily clad subject. Boudoir does not mean nude, semi-nude or anything like that, it simply meads intimate.

Ian tries to achieve a set of photographs that are intimate and private while remaining flattering and tasteful. Boudoir photographs are private images to be proud of.

Ian will photograph you in any way that you desire. You determine the limits of a session. So if you want to pose nude, semi-nude, or fully clothed, it's your decision.

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How is Boudoir photography different from Glamour photography?

Glamour and Boudoir photography share many things including the poses but the thing that separates Boudoir from Glamour is PRIVACY.

Glamour photography is often less intimate and are photos you would share more widely with family and friends.

The pictures from a Boudoir shoot are VERY PRIVATE and intimate, therefore Ian handles them with a great deal of care and discretion.

Your Boudoir photos will never be published or shared with anyone without your written consent. Some models do allow Ian to privately show other perspective clients the results of thier photoshoots without those images ever leaving Ian's possesion


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The Why, Who and What's

Why do people commission Boudoir photographs?

The photographs are usually given as a romantic gift between lovers and partners (Christmas, Valentines day, birthday, anniversary or as a 'just because' presents)  

Think about the look on your partners face and how surprised they would be if you gave them a the set of boudoir  photographs as a gift.

   Other reasons include being used as as a precursor to a modeling career the sense of privacy with Boudoir photography makes an excellent cushion so you can get a test the waters so to speak to see if your interested in modeling. 

Positive images promote a positive attitude. This works so well for those a little self-conscious about how others see them. 

 Remember as the client you have 100% of the say as to what happens to the Photographs after they have been developed.

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Who owns the negatives etc from the Photo shoot?

yBOT (photograhy by Ian) owns the copyright, the negatives and all paperwork that goes along with the photo shoot. If you wish to use the pictures from your shoot for comercial purposes, you will need to contact Ian to make licencing arangements.

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Who will see the pictures from a Boudoir shoot?

The pictures from the shoot are for the client ONLY; after the pictures have been developed we NEVER disclose them to anyone outside of yBOT without express written permission from the client.

This also includes NOT adding them to our portfolio without your permission.


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What's to stop you selling the pictures you take?

The Law, to sell any pictures we would need a model release.


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What's a model release?

A model release is the written permission of the model in the pictures to sell and use the photographs 

The release legally makes the photographs from the shoot property of the photographer, as the the model releases all claim to them. 


I'm nervous enough about having my picture taken; how will I feel if I'm in lingerie?.

Many people can be, at least initially, uncomfortable in front of the camera. But our experience has shown that our professionalism will guide you through the process. Plus working in a location in a familiar environment (rather than an unfamiliar studio) can help put you more at ease..

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I've never done anything like this before; I don't know how to pose for the camera.

Don't worry we'll lead you through the photo session. We work as a team; Melanie has the female point of view while Michael works the male side. We'll have most of the posing, outfits and prop suggestions covered.

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Do I have to be nude in the pictures?

No, you don't need to be nude or topless if you don't want to be. We will photograph you in any way that you desire. You determine the limits of a session. So if you want to pose nude, semi-nude, or fully clothed, it's your decision. 

We can discuss the entire scope of your boudoir photo sessions long before we even begin so there will no questions by the time we start.

We are trying for tasteful and positive pictures, these are sensual NOT sexual pictures  There may be limitations placed on us (for example, if we're on location), but other than that, we're here to help you capture your fantasy.

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I don't look like a model will you still take my picture?

Yes of course, you don't have to look like a supermodel to look or feel sexy. All that matters is that your comfortable with yourself. We welcome the opportunity to let your own  beauty shine.

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Are there any age restrictions?

With the sensitive nature of boudoir photography, we limit these services to people who are at least 18 years old. If there is any question, we may request that you provide proof of age. There is, of course, no upper limit.


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What about wardrobe and hair & makeup?

Wardrobe is usually left up to you. We're more than happy to help you choose specific pieces. And if your time and budget allow, we'll even go shopping with you. But because there are as many ideas and fantasies as there are women, it would be a impractical for us to supply the wardrobe. 

We also leave hair & makeup to you. Again, if you need suggestions, we can help you with what works best in front of the camera and what works best for a particular outfit.

If, however you wish to have a professional make up artist do you make up for the session, we do have an artist we highly recommend, but that would be an additional charge to you.

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What other things shall I bring?

Think about the reason your getting the pictures done. If it's as a gift for someone special in your life you could bring clothing or items that identifies the images or poses with them. For example some of there clothing or trophies etc.

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The Photo Shoot

Can I have the photo shoot at my home?

Depending on security and privacy issues we welcome the opportunity to photograph you in your familiar surroundings

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What can I expect at the photo shoot?

The first thing we do is introducing ourselves (Ian and his assistant). Then we take some time to discuss our ideas for the photo shoot. We usually cover, your comfort level, locations for the shoot, any outfits you might have and hopefully answer all your questions. 

Then we get down to the photography contract. It needs to be signed by everyone. The contract describes the assignment and the compensation we’re expecting to be paid. 
It also has a section for who you’d like the photographer to be.

If your not comfortable posing in front of either one of us know. We’re both prepared to work with your comfort level.

After you’ve been given copies of the signed paper work we get down to the photo shoot. 

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Who will be doing the Photographing?

Ideally both of us (Ian and his assitant) will be alternating the tasks of photographer and assistant. We work as a team, each of us bringing our own opinions and strengths. 

You can just opt to have just Ian do your shoot, but it comes down to your compfort level.


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Can I request a female photographer?

You can request a specific photographer for the shoot and your comfort level. If you only want a female photographer  you just get Ian's assitant. If you only want a male photographer you get Ian.


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Can I bring someone along with me to the photo shoot?

In our experience models in general work better without an audience. Boudoir photography isn't a spectator sport and the need for privacy encourages us to limit the photo shoot to the photographers and the model.

You can however bring a friend, who can sit just outside the studio or the room in your home where we do the photoshoot, but we prefer if that person does not become a spectator, unless they are part of the shoot.

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How much does it cost?

We charge $75 per hour for the photography with prints and enlargements being extra.

Ian can go as low as $50 per hour, if you sign a model release form allowing him to use your shoot as part of his portfolio.

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