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Your Full Package Multimedia Company

yBOT can add Multimedia to Your Web Site

Have you considered putting Flash animations, sounds, or movies on you web site? Do you need an animated banner ad to promote your site on other sites?

Flash animations can be a lot of things on a site, they can be entertaining, cause excitement for your product, or add functionality to your web sites

Sounds can make your visitors feel they are making things work when a sound is added to a link or a button.

Movies can be animated GIF's or short product information clips that help the consumer understand what your product can do for them.

Animated banner ads can be a great tool to use in promoting your site on other sites, we can develop the right ad in the proper format required for banner exchange programs.

Volvo animatted banner

Remax sample banner

Whatever type of multimedia you want on your site, we can provide, whether we do it in house or call upon the expertise of our associates who do specialized work.