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Legion Web Site Designs

yBOT was first approached to develop a web site for a legion branch on a budget. A few of the executive members felt that this design concept could be used by other branches. Upon discussion with other branches, the idea of a harmonized look for websites was a great idea.

yBOT has developed a template that can be customized to the needs of different legion branches. These templates allow for easy updating by a representative of the branch or by yBOT. Updates made to the site will not alter the overall look and feel of the site and makes maintaining easy and affordable.

yBOT has also found the most cost effective hosting and domain name registration

Legion Web Site Template by yBOT

yBOT provides your branch with a standardized template that is modified to your needs, the items in the template will appear on every one of you subsequent pages.

This template includes:

The customized logo will be similar to the one on the sample that you have seen, except that it will have your branch name and number. It is intended to reflect the legion logo with the poppy above it, using the same type face, drop shadow effect, and incorporates the Legion word logo.

The Navigation bar can be adapted for what ever number of distinct pages that your branch will require. For each item you put in your navigation bar will be linked to a page that reflects the title of your link. Keep in mind the more pages that your create the more work that you will need done to maintain the site and keep it up to date.

The highlight or feature bar can be utilized to hold a variety of information from headlines to advertising that you want to appear on every page. This section also includes an editable region (see next section) that will allow you to have some semi-permanent information that can be changed with an updating of your template and some space for information you want on individual pages.

The Editable regions on your template allow for you to edit your page with the information that you want, without changing the look of your web site and the template. On the current template there are three editable regions:


A Cascading Style Sheet is a document that is attached to your template that tells the page what colours and type faces are used, so that you get a consistent look from one page to another. This style sheet also controls how your menu items and other hyperlinks changes colour when the mouse is passed over it. You can change the look of a section of text or headline with a simple click on the style selector.

Click here to start with or download the Web Planning Worksheet and begin developing your Branch website.

If you would like more information on how your branch can participate in yBOT's Legion Template program, please call us at (416) 285-ybot or use our contact form to send us an email.